Thursday, October 16, 2008

slack slack...

It's been very long since i post. my blog isn't dead yet. been rather slack in my new outlet. I'm currently at Global Kitchen(gk) doing breakfast. The shift is damn shitty. I mean it. It from 4.30am to 2.30pm. At first, don't use to the timing of waking up and sleeping early, so I like sleep at 11 or 12 then wake up at 3am. but as the weeks pass by..use to it le..i can still remember a few days ago..i took mrt home, while i was at paya lebar station, i fell asleep, and guess what happened next, when i woke up, i was at paya lebar station again...haha, i was so tired that i slept from paya lebar back to paya lebar again..gk, i would say quite relax over there, just doing buffet breakfast, omelet station, and live wanton mee...very sian...everyday same thing..don't really get to learn much too...gotta get stuck for 2 months over thr...haiz..but manage to get to know quite a few friends over thr, which is good...nice people...people out update again...soon

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