Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let the game begin...

Work has been fine. Next two weeks will be rather shag. Got my off days from friday till monday and also next week friday. After that it will be 9 days without off. As mentioned in the previous post--> F1 root of problem. Two full days Overtime= $$$=Shagshagshag . If you ever work in main kitchen, you will know, there are not much slacking. It work, work and even more work. Especially when you are trainee, even when you are very tired, you can't really ask for a 15 mins break. You will just continued to work work work. Enough of whinning, anyway IT ALL FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. I guess this is the life of a trainee. According to the training roster, main kitchen is the only place to click as many overtime as possible. I am so damn lucky that I posted to main kitchen for September. Wuhoo..OT is just so shiok esp when you work full days..1 day of 12hrs Ot is almost 1/6 of my monthly salary. but first thing first, you must be as fit as me to do Overtime la..haha.

This 3 days of off day, I got to spent it meanifully..haha..sat, went out with the budders union..(adh never go), watch movie, carl's jr , tou hua and butterfly, tcsing wif budders. Cover quite a few topics, ranging from personal childhood memories to even political. Detailed information will not be share, PC. I think gordon and der can go speaker corner, both of them are fabulous speaker. I will vote for them during election, only if they go for election festival..gonna stay at home for dinner. quite a few things to kao dim.
  1. Pack wardrobe
  2. Household chores
  3. help prepare dinner
  4. slack slack and slack..haha

Monday, don't know whether qiqi and der will come or not..come to try wii..but in the morning will go back to shatec to collect my final transcript. GPA will not be as good as previous one..but should be able to maintain above 3.2. but my desired GPA will be 3.5. haha should be alright la..i think.

i think i will just stop here..Happy mooncake festival...haha

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