Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 is over...wuhoo..

Just take a look at the tittle. Can you imagine how happy I am. It really shag working non stop for 2 wks without off days. But i managed to survive, without screwing up the coffee break for the crucial 3 days. Must thanks those aunties and bros that help me up. Although I didn't get to go F1 catering, but i do not think this is a waste. coz i do play a quite important role in those 3 days, i did my items with no errors. And manage to help out in the western set and F1 mise-en-place. Get to know a quite a few friends too, wuhoo..pretty girls...haha..

forgot to mention my newest achievement, I am the top 20 FIFA 08 PS3 player in Singapore.haha..curious why do i have the time to join this competition was held on sat, prelimary match is to play against computer manu. and the top 20 of the competition get to enter to the final on sunday. On sat, released early coz everything is done on time, so was on my way to the mrt through marina square, i then came across this event held in the central area, decided to give it a try and the result ---> *drumsrolling* "........,......,.....Ruijie,........." are the top 20s of fifa o8.but i didn't go..coz of F1..F*#%..the prize is worth abt$3000.not cash..

so actually the main purpose of this post is to show 20 fifa 08 player in singapore...hahaaha..will update tomorrow...bloody from 0700-0000....haha...17 hrs..haha

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