Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy week...

Main kitchen will be damn busy for this week. 3 days of F1 is also equal to hellweek. With the F1 going on, MK do not need to deal with other event. A 120 pax function on wed => close one eye to them. The actual busiest day will be on sunday, everything just jam on sunday, cocktail and 800 set dinner in house, not including outside catering. So I can actually imagine how chaotic the situation will be, everybody rushing like chicken, chiong here chiong there. My chef already told me my job for this week will be soley in charge of the coffee break for the business floor and pacific club floor. Hope I don't screw up or if i screw up, my chef will screw joke..he said it infront of my face..haha..but after a month of training, i think should not be a problem for me..can handle..

yesterday release on time not early. During the journey home, I almost overshot the mrt, then have dinner with my family, reached home about 9.30, look at the score on chelsea and manu, at that time manu is leading 1-0...guess who the scorer, Park Ji Sung, First Asian that is in the top 4 club in EPL...before he score the goal, my bro was saying he damn lousy like that also can lose the ball...and the next few mins he score the and bro went to check the precious record of the matches between all the top 4. Ji sung actually score against arsenal too..wth..most of the goal he score is very decisive..anyway, manu drew with chelsea in the end , and chelsea maintain a 85 matches home unbeaten record..both teams drop points and this mean Arsenal remain at top position..

i will blog when i got the when i got the time..haha

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