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Quite a while since I blog.After a month of anticipation...Finally, 4/6/2008 was the first day of Pan Pacific Singapore orientation. Quite excited and happy. So don't need to work for 3 days..wuhoo..First day as usual, ice breaker..and lot of to know what are the first impression of me from other people..ok majority of the comments seems good..cute?! friendly;) dimply(not too sure what that mean..) ok quite expected..haha..Second day, talks and tour of the back of the house, intresting..not as dry as first breaker...there were 3 tables, my table consist of all the other people were like saying our table very me and my shatec friend decided to add something different from other usual each person introduce themselves to the speaker...but until our table, we do not do self introduction, however, we introduce other person in our other people were like laughing...(chef are creative).. had lunch in Global kitchen...fine dinning over there is ok..i would give very gd if the food was more hot..Last day, end quite late..7.45 i guess..but not the lastest in all orientation (8.30 was the lastest)..played team bonding game..1 game that took all of us 2hrs to complete it..the game look simple but it was not easy at all.. the game is as follow..
A-Z mat(those found in kindergarden)

we have to complete the journey together..
when someone moves from one mat to another mat, there must be another person take over the mat.
some of the alphabet was jumbled up..therefor increases the difficulty..
(because of this game i kana scratch by a girl..violet(that girl name.. = VIOLENT)..

that end the orientation...i would say, quite fun, intresting, get to know lots of stuff abt pps..and also very the PAIN...

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