Saturday, August 23, 2008

i will become STRONGER!!!

very long time nvr post le..not having a very good week in panpacificsingapore..the tension is rising..the stress in me is accumulating..there are so much more things i got to improve on..have you ever feel very stress whenever you see certain person..just don't know when i got this feeling..i don't feel good...i feel stress and pressure whenever those guys are ard..i will feel more relax when they are not ard..i can do things my way..more confident...and each time they are ard..i will try my best to avoid them..i know this cannot carry on any more..2 months in this outlet..i should try my best to change their impression on me..let them discover the potential in me..the hidden talent..and not giving them any more chances to find my loop holes..i know this path is not gonna be easy..but i will do my very best..i will not give up my dream..i will not let those who believe in me down..i swear..i will gonna get better each day...those people that i mention above..listen carefully, I am Low RuiJie..i will not get beaten easily...i will only grow stronger each time u guys c me..i shall not fear u anymore...

Those people: Ruijie, is almost 1 month over here, you should know the stuff le...don't always stand thr..
NXT DAE....each day, mk suppose to provide food for the clubflor and business floor lounge..i will jot down what things to take and the sauce i may need to make...guess what happen..that day suppose to make a 2 portion mango salsa..(a change in menu) i got source for ingredient..cut shallot, chilli, until mango, that person came and indirectly tell the other person why i use so many i just tell her it was stated in the menu..but she told me that don't have..and ask me to do just one i continue doing..but i am very super duper confirm i am rite...and went to check again...and yeh i am so of the menu item change that day..nobody know...i bring out this matter to another person(same grp of people but higher rank)..and he told that girl..wuhoo..i feel like at that very moment, my convidence is back, is just like i just score the equalising goal..before i wanted to tell the other person. that was actually one thing came across my mind..i should heck care abt it..and jus do 1 portion..but my heart and conscience tells me that i am a good man, honest and responsible person, i will not do that...and i am glad i didn't do that.....EXPERIENCE IS NOT 3 wks over here..u many months and even years over here..didn't even bother to check the stuff everyday to c any changes..assume everything is the same everyday..u guys simply don't respect ur job..irresponsible fellow..i don't think u guys do not know the consequences of it..not trying to claim any credit from this incident...what if i keep quiet abt it..not just the clubfloor don't have food..the guest are entittled to it..and they found out there are no food...what the hell.vicious affects every department..not just our own..and in the whole the reputation of the hotel will eventually goes down..seriously i thought of this when i decided to bring out to that something was missing that day..i am glad that i did the right thing..i listening to my heart....

Listen to your heart is very different from listen to ur mind..i finally know the difference..i finally understand that...i think i have grow more mature after this incident..i will not look at the surface of that thing only, i guess this is one of the ways to survive in this competitive and lack of warmth singapore working life...i will strive...i promise...i nvr broke my promise b4..nvr...seriously why i sound so serious in this it on...i will just feel more motivated...each time those guys "bomB" me...come on..

The following is adapted from a message by our late founder and principal of the school, Rev. Bro. J. Chanel.

勤 Diligence
Confucius said that if a person was idle and unconscientious, it would be difficult to educate him. St. Paul once wrote: " If anyone will not work, let him not eat. " A person who is idle and who does not want to labour with his hands or mind will not be successful in his life. Hard work is the key to success and the way to happiness and truth.

勉 Determination
If a person is hardworking but not intelligent, he will acquire wisdom if he is willing to try his best. When we are faced with difficulties, we must always remind ourselves and others that God is always near and will always guide us. Through one's own determination and God's grace, we will definitely overcome our problems.

忠 Loyalty & Dedication
We should strive for sincerity towards others and devotion to our duty. We must endeavour to do the best in all that we do. We must fulfil our obligations and duties towards our neighbours, country, society and the Almighty God without shirking responsibility. This spirit of loyalty and dedication will result in the spirit of self-sacrifice.

勇 Courage
Those who have the courage to face difficulties and challenges will be successful in life.
Courage also means giving way to those who have better ideas. Sometimes, it is standing up for what is right, even to those in authority. Use your patience, determination and courage to do good deeds. When in a fix, look positively for solutions until you have solved your problems. Life is a continuous struggle and strive. Only those who can persevere till the end will have eternal happiness in life.

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